Before answering the question “Why SOURCETECH?”, it is important to consider how contract manufacturing of proprietary and commodity products can facilitate profitable growth for many companies.

As an experienced and qualified contract manufacturer, SOURCETECH provides:

Whether it is your manufacturing, engineering, quality control, procurement, warehouse or logistics resources, when any of these has reached its capacity, a qualified contract manufacturer can provide additional capacity at no added staffing expense or capital investment. This can be critical to a growing enterprise or when seasonal demand exceeds in house resources.
Our entire team utilizes diverse engineering, manufacturing, procurement, quality and logistics resources to develop, produce and delivery both current and new products.
Our quality management staff will evaluate each product and the required manufacturing process to establish the appropriate standards and test procedures to ensure consistent, high quality products.
Our experienced engineers and procurement staff identify the most cost effective manufacturing methods and sources best suited to produce high quality finished products at a managed and often significantly lower cost.
By utilizing our resources, yours (staff, facilities, equipment, tooling, etc.) can be devoted to market research, new products, business development and other high priority objectives.
Inventory delivered to you or your client’s facilities, whichever is most timely and cost effective.

Our team is committed to your success, and we do our utmost to prove it every day.

So, why do our clients choose SOURCETECH to manufacture their products?

We add value to their entire supply chain through:

  • Security:  We maintain the highest levels of security for proprietary information on all products
  • Cost:  We utilize the most appropriate manufacturing resources, leveraged production volume and contract freight rates to manage delivered product cost
  • Quality:  We develop quality systems for each product to insure standards from raw materials to finished product, in most cases, improving product quality
  • Financial:  We conduct all international transactions, our clients make only domestic payments to SOURCETECH
  • Freight:  We leverage volume to secure the best ocean, air and land freight contract rates
  • Resources:  We provide cost-effective design, engineering, manufacturing, quality and logistical resources
  • Certification:  We can facilitate cost-effective product certification
  • Logistical:  We provide factory to client logistical support services worldwide
  • Intelligence:  We research client markets to understand their business, identify potential opportunities and address trends before they become significant challenges
  • Partnership:  We support and consult our clients, developing a partnership vs vendor relationship
  • Presence:  Our management team and staff manage production and quality control, negotiate directly with vendors, oversee all logistical activities and work with other business associates to deliver quality products on time and manage cost throughout the entire supply process
  • Accountability:  We are responsible for the entire process, regardless of the product, where is it manufactured or the final destination
  • Focus:  We enable our clients to focus their time and resources on opportunities, new products and running their business
  • Warranty:  We guarantee the quality of every product we deliver for twelve (12) months from date of manufacture
  • Results:  We utilize our experience, technology, manufacturing and logistical resources to fulfill the commitments we make to all SOURCETECH clients, on all products, each and every day
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