SOURCETECH provides creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions based on client needs and resources, including:

SOURCETECH's Winchester Virginia based warehouse and fulfillment center.
  • Manufacturing solutions (Full Container Load & Less than full Container Load quantity production)
  • Limited production (select low volume manufacturing)
  • Procurement (components & finished product sourcing)
  • Production consulting (manufacturing start-ups)
  • Quality assurance inspections (on-site prior to shipments)
  • Product certification (U.S. and factory based certification)
  • Design & production engineering (current & new products)
  • Prototype development(design proving, pre-production)
  • Warehousing (U.S. and factory based)
  • Order fulfillment (U.S. based 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) services)
  • Worldwide Logistics (international ocean, air, rail & truck deliveries)

To provide the above services, our U.S. and China based staff manage the following functions in our facilities and on-site with manufacturing partners:

Product Specifications – defining products to the most basic detail to ensure the finished products fulfill market expectations for clients

Quality Standards – establishing the production and inspection criteria needed to ensure the finished product is manufactured according to the product specification

Procurement – securing and managing raw materials, components, sub-assembly and tooling inventory needed to manufacture, assemble and package the finished product

Production – fabricating, machining, molding, plating and any other manufacturing processes required to produce the finished components, sub-assemblies and complete products

Assembly – all in-process assembly and quality assurance inspection required to fulfill the product specification requirements

Packaging – all in-process and final packaging required to fulfill the product specifications

Logistics – all consolidation, warehousing, container loading, shipping and material handling required to deliver products according to our client needs

Testing & Certification – conducting the necessary standards testing to ensure product certifications required by our client

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