We enable clients to:

  • Focus on customers, products and market conditions
  • Increase market competiveness & profit margins
  • Improve product quality & design
  • Focus management resources on business development & other strategic areas
  • Design and test new products at significant lower cost

If our clients do not manufacture, we enable them to:

  • Focus on product development
  • Focus on product testing
  • Tap into vast manufacturing capacity and technology

If our clients do manufacture, we enable them to:

  • Devote current production resources to new products while we produce mature items
  • Increase production capacity without added overhead
  • Explore new manufacturing methods without additional investments

Our ability to develop, manufacture and deliver multiple products on a regular basis, regardless of production quantities, enables our clients to:

  • Minimize inventory investments
  • Maximize inventory turns
  • Optimize cash flow
  • Manage and adjust inventory seasonally
  • Minimize admin and freight expenses
    • Should clients utilize our order fulfillment services, we can potentially combine orders for multiple customers to further reduce freight costs by utilizing lower cost FCL (full container load) versus higher cost LCL (less than full container load) shipments to our Winchester, Virginia warehouse

We also enable all of our clients to:

  • Deliver products worldwide without having to deal with exporting or complicated logistical challenges
  • Better manage product cost and profit margins
  • Better manage inventory turns and cash flow
  • Rely on U.S. -based versus foreign vendors
  • Grow their business profitably without additional staff and fixed asset investment
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